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Need To Know.
Boring Company.
Elon Musk's Boring Company unveiled a prototype tunnel underneath Los Angeles yesterday evening, a step forward in the company's vision for relieving urban congestion. The demonstration tunnel begins in the parking lot of SpaceX, one of Musk's other companies, and ends in a nearby neighborhood in Hawthorne, CA (see video). Musk said the 1.14-mile-long tunnel cost about $10M to build, and was meant to demonstrate not just the ability to zip cars underneath the city, but that small-footprint elevators could be used to insert vehicles into the underground track. In a similar venture, the company won a $1B bid to build high-speed tunnels in Chicago connecting the downtown area with O'Hare airport - though those will reportedly use 16-person pods. 

Separately, SpaceX raised $500M at a $30B valuation to launch a satellite-based internet service. 
Bump Stocks.
The Trump administration officially moved to ban bump stocks yesterday, in the culmination of a debate that gained steam after a mass shooting in Las Vegas last year. The inexpensive accessories can effectively convert a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic. Fully automatic weapons have been banned since 1986 (except older guns grandfathered in), but bump stocks are legal because, technically speaking, the trigger must still be pulled upon each fire (how they work). Lawmakers narrowed in on the devices after Stephen Paddock, who attacked a country music concert in October 2017 using an arsenal of AR-15s outfitted with bump stocks, killed 58 and injured hundreds. The new rules ban the sale and possession of bump stocks, and give owners 90 days to get rid of their devices.
Flynn Sentencing Delayed.
A federal judge postponed the sentencing of Michael Flynn, excoriating the former lieutenant general for misleading federal agents during his questioning. Flynn, President Trump's first national security adviser, was accused of lying to the FBI regarding conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in late 2016 (see timeline). Caught up in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference into the 2016 election, Mueller's team had previously recommended that Flynn serve no jail time for his cooperation with the probe. The judge reportedly gave Flynn time to cooperate with the probe, which Flynn accepted, delaying his fate until at least March of next year. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Penny Marshall, Laverne & Shirley actress and director of Big and A League of Their Own, dies at 75 (More)
> NFL Pro Bowl selections announced, New England quarterback Tom Brady selected to record-tying 14th Pro Bowl; see full list of selections (More)
> George Lucas ($5.4B) tops Steven Spielberg ($3.7B) and Oprah ($2.8B) on Forbes' 2018 America's Wealthiest Celebrities; see full Top 10 list (More)
Science & Technology.
> Prestigious science journal Nature releases their annual list of the top 10 people who mattered in science and technology for 2018 (More)
> Unmanned vehicles to begin delivering groceries to customers' homes in Arizona beginning this weekend (More)
> Battery-free, implantable device can short circuit hunger pains; lab rat tests showed up to 40% weight loss (More)
Business & Markets.
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Drugmakers GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer agree to combine consumer-health businesses in $12.7B deal (More)
FedEx revenues and profits rise, but reduces outlook given global trade weaknesses, shares down ~6% in after-hours trading (More)
> Meal delivery service Blue Apron enters penny stock territory as shares fall below $1 after IPO'ing at $10/share in June 2017 (More)

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Politics & World Affairs.
> Following interim Sen. John Kyl's resignation, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey taps Rep. Martha McSally (R, AZ-2) to fill John McCain's seat until 2020 elections; McSally lost tight November race to replace outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake (More)
> Nevada becomes first state in US history with a women majority in state legislature (More)
> Senate passes criminal justice bill backed by President Trump; bill now heads to House (More) | Trump Foundation to dissolve after charges of misappropriation of funds (More)
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