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Need To Know
Articles of Impeachment
The House Judiciary Committee introduced two articles of impeachment yesterday, formally accusing President Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in its investigation into the White House's relations with Ukraine. The core allegation made by Democrats is the president leveraged a potential White House meeting and withheld nearly $400M in military aid to Ukraine in a bid to pressure the country to investigate domestic political opponents. Republicans have criticized the pace of the effort and say the evidence does not rise to the level of impeachment, while some outside observers question whether an explicit quid pro quo has been demonstrated, particularly around the charge that aid was withheld. Read the full text of the articles here.

What's next? The committee will vote on the articles this week, with a full House vote likely next week. The process then moves to the Republican-controlled Senate following the holiday break. 

In the background: Congress must also crash on a spending bill to fund the government ahead of a Dec. 20 deadline. 
Jersey City Shootout
At least six people were killed during an hourslong shootout in Jersey City, New Jersey yesterday. According to reports, officials believe the shooting began when an officer approached two suspects at a nearby cemetery in connection with a homicide. The officer, 40-year-old detective Joseph Seals, was killed at the scene. The suspects then fled to a nearby supermarket where they opened fire on police and civilians with high-powered rifles, killing three bystanders before being shot and killed by police. Witnesses described the scene, located across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, as a war zone, with gunshots echoing off buildings and schools forced into lockdown. The identity of the suspects have not yet been released; officials said there were no connections to terrorism. 

Detective Seals was a veteran of the force and father of five.
USMCA Breakthrough
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-18) announced an agreement with the White House on key provisions in the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal yesterday, moving forward a package governing an estimated $1.2T in annual economic activity. A revamp of the Clinton-era North American Free Trade Agreement, President Trump struck an initial deal last year but the tentative agreement stalled in Congress as officials haggled over issues such as labor standards and paring back protections for pharmaceutical companies. Analysts said that the US and Canada walked away as winners ($$, WashPo), while Mexico - currently in a recession - would be less able to use low wages to induce companies to relocate. The deal, estimated to add close to 180,000 jobs in the US marks a signature win for Trump, who campaigned against the effects of NAFTA.

Canada and Mexico must still approve the final text.
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment, & Culture
> Vanna White hosts "Wheel of Fortune" for first time in her 37-year career on the show; White stepped in for host Pat Sajak as he underwent emergency surgery (More)
> Marie Fredriksson, Swedish singer of pop duo Roxette best known for "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen To Your Heart," dies at 61 (More)
> Bill Cosby's 2018 sexual assault conviction upheld; Cosby will now appeal to
Pennsylvania Supreme Court to overturn conviction that sent him to prison for three to 10 years (More)
Science & Technology
> Sweeping review of historical and archaeological data challenges accepted theory of an Axial Age, in which humans sharply transitioned into organized societies and cultures between the eight and third centuries BCE (More)
> Scientists create 3D-printed bunny model encoded with DNA instructions on how to replicate itself (More)
> SpaceX to test antireflective coating for its space-based internet Starlink satellites following criticism from astronomers they interfere with scientific observations (More)
Business & Markets
> Sources say US and Chinese officials plan to delay tariffs set to kick-in Dec. 15, as sides work to finalize phase-one trade deal (More)
> Tech giant Intel releases gender and racial compensation data, highlighting lower levels of compensation for women and people of color (More)
> Softbank’s Vision Fund sells its $300M stake in struggling dog-walking startup Wag back to the company (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> More than 300,000 protest across France as crippling nationwide strike over pension reform enters day six (More)
> Federal judge in Texas blocks Trump administration plan to use Defense Department funds to build partial border wall (More) | White House to sign order including Judaism under civil rights law on college campuses; move combats anti-Semitism but may also target anti-Israel protests (More)
> Former architect of Mexican government's war on drugs arrested in Texas for allegedly taking millions in bribes over six years from the Sinaloa cartel (More)
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Our war on urban rodents may be creating a race of super rats.
The future of architecture may be in video games
The 100 best gadgets of the 2010s

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There's a new, easier way to solve quadratic equations.
Silicon Valley wants to bring you a psychedelic wonder drug.
2019's best moments in sports.
Merriam-Webster's word of the year is..."they."
Man registers emotional support swarm.
Clickbait: Someone is outfitting Las Vegas pigeons with tiny cowboy hats.

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