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Need To Know
Weather Chokes Holiday Travel
A heavy winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas of Colorado and Wyoming, burying highways and shutting down flights just as the holiday travel season kicked into high gear. Roughly 1,100 people were forced to sleep in Denver International Airport Monday night as the storm rolled in, with close to 500 flights canceled at the country's fifth-busiest airport. The storm is expected to roll into the Great Plains and Upper Midwest through Wednesday and Thursday, potentially reaching New England by the weekend. Separately, a second powerful storm moved into the northern West Coast late last night. The new system is expected to undergo a phenomenon known as bombogenesis - or become a bomb cyclone - which happens when a rising column of air causes a rapid drop in air pressure near the ground, causing cyclone-like winds and pulling in precipitation (in this case, snow) from the upper atmosphere. 

Got a flight to catch? Check out the live MiseryMap for updates.
House Sets Next Hearings
The House Judiciary Committee said it would hold its first impeachment hearing Dec. 4, reportedly calling on legal scholars to expound on the constitutional basis for impeachment. The hearings mark a transition between the House Intelligence Committee's probe into the administration's relations with Ukraine and a more formal process where the Judiciary Committee will consider articles of impeachment. Late last night the committee invited the White House legal team to join the proceedings. Meanwhile, Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D, CA-28) said the committee would produce a public summary report of the inquiry hearings by next week.

What's next? The Judiciary Committee is almost certain to approve articles of impeachment which will be tried in the Republican-controlled Senate, where a two-thirds vote would be required for removal from office. The proceedings are expected to last into early 2020. See how impeachment works and how the current process stacks up to history.
Bread and Butter
President Trump invoked the constitutional powers of the presidency yesterday, granting clemency to a 47-pound turkey named Butter. The president, cracking a few jokes along the way, was presented with two birds; Butter narrowly won (lost?) a public poll to be served at the White House Thanksgiving Day feast but was granted a pardon (video here). While it was unclear what their original offenses were, the hardy birds will be sent to a farm in Virginia to live with last year's contestants, Peas and Carrots. The tradition of presenting turkeys at the White House dates back to 1947, intertwined with a lobbying campaign by the National Turkey and Poultry Foundations. The chosen birds were often used in meals until George H.W. Bush instituted the informal tradition of pardoning the unfortunate winner in 1989. Read about the somewhat strange history here

Editor's note: We're off tomorrow for the holiday - see you Friday!
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment, & Culture
> Troy Polamalu, Reggie Wayne among 25 semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame (More) | Ohio State passes LSU for No. 1 in latest College Football Playoff rankings (More) | Crazy college basketball season continues as Stephen F. Austin upsets No. 1 Duke at home (More)  
> Department of Justice weighs in on Writers Guild of America dispute with talent agencies, says guild can't claim exemption from federal antitrust law (More)
> Elizabeth Banks tapped to direct and star in Universal's "Invisible Woman" (More) | "Frozen 2" set to dominate Thanksgiving weekend, will be fourth year in a row for Disney atop Thanksgiving box office (More)
Science & Technology
> Study suggests space travel can make the gut leaky; microgravity disrupts the function of epithelial cells that typically act as a barrier in the intestines (More)
> Life expectancy for US adults declined for third straight year in 2017 to 78.6 years, following six decades of increases; fall driven by overdoses, suicides (More)
> UN report finds greenhouse gas emissions hit record levels in 2018 despite climate pledges, global average temperatures on track to rise by 3.2 degrees by end of century (More)
Business & Markets
> Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s shares up 6% on first day of trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange as dual-listing; was world’s largest share offering in 2019 (More)
> Dollar Tree shares down 15% after missing earnings and reducing forecast, trade war takes toll on profits (More) | Best Buy shares surge 12% to all-time high on strong revenue growth (More)
> US consumer confidence falls for fourth straight month in November; housing sales unexpectedly drop in October after September achieved highest level in 12 years (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> At least 23 dead, 650 injured after magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes Albania; strongest to hit the country in more than four decades (More)
> Testimony from senior official at the Office of Management and Budget alleged two colleagues resigned over the withholding of US aid to Ukraine (More) | White House briefly locked down over unidentified flying object (More)
> Three Baltimore men convicted of murder in 1983 released after 36 years; unsealed records revealed original prosecutors suppressed evidence that pointed to another suspect (More)
The first Thanksgiving happened earlier than you think

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How Barney the purple dinosaur died at the '97 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Clickbait: The internet serves up its worst Thanksgiving horror stories
Historybook: The Nobel Prize is established (1895); Bruce Lee born (1940); Jimi Hendrix born (1942); Mars 2, a Soviet space probe, is first man-made object to reach Mars (1971); LGBT rights activist Harvey Milk is assassinated (1978). 
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