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Need To Know.
US-Mexico Border Briefly Closed.
US officials briefly closed the San Ysidro border crossing yesterday in order to beef up security measures ahead of the arrival of a large group of Central American migrants. The crossing - which connects the Mexican city of Tijuana with San Diego - is the busiest land border in the world, with more than 50,000 vehicles and 25,000 pedestrians traveling into the US each day. The shutdown allowed officials to reinforce the border with additional concrete and razor wire. The first wave of the migrant caravan, which has about 5,000 people left after a trek from Honduras, began arriving in Tijuana over the weekend - the majority are expected to apply for asylum in the US.
Pelosi Backlash.
A group of 16 Democratic lawmakers in the US House released a letter saying they would back new leadership in the US House yesterday, effectively opposing long-time House Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-12). Pelosi has been the top-ranked House Democrat since 2003, including a stint as speaker from 2007 through 2010. To become Speaker, Pelosi must first win the majority of the Democratic caucus, then win a vote of the full House chamber. If current electoral results hold, Democrats will hold 233 House seats - meaning Pelosi can afford to lose up to 15 Democrat votes and still win (see breakdown here). Analysts say while she is likely to ultimately win the gavel, Pelosi still has work to do in shoring up support.

House Democrats will nominate a Speaker on November 28th, followed by a full floor vote on January 3rd of next year. 
Possible Treatment for Peanut Allergy.
A new study suggested that those suffering from peanut allergies may be able to gradually build up tolerance over time, offering a path forward for one of the most common but debilitating food allergies. The study, which focused on people whose allergies were so so severe that they could only safely consume half of a single peanut, gradually introduced peanut proteins into patients' diets over the course of a year. By the end of one year, over two-thirds were able to withstand exposure to around four peanuts, compared to 4% of patients who took a placebo. The treatment is not a cure (and patients are not able to eat peanuts), but could aid those who can't be in the presence of the allergens without severe reactions - though the treatment itself was reportedly painful to endure

A recent study suggested that peanut allergies among children has risen over 20% since 2010. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> White House Correspondents' Dinner to go without comedian as host; Ron Chernow, biographer of Alexander Hamilton & George Washington selected as host (More)
> Broadway musical adaptation of 2001 film Moulin Rouge! set for July 2019 opening date (More)
> Taylor Swift signs record deal with Universal Music Group and Republic Records (More) | Deal includes Spotify payouts which will benefit other artists (More)
Science & Technology.
> Scientists find that cats' sandpaper-like tongues actually have hollow, microscopic hooks that suck up liquid and allow for deep cleaning of fur (More)
> Ultrabright x-rays capture image of single bacteria with highest-ever spatial resolution (More)
> Anti-vaccine community in North Carolina experiences the worst chickenpox outbreak since the vaccine became available 20 years ago (More)
Business & Markets.
> Shares of Apple drop 4% after reports the company cut production orders; news ripples through tech sector with tech-heavy Nasdaq down 3% (More)
> US home builder sentiment drops most in nearly 5 years as higher mortgage rates squeeze real estate (More)
> America's largest wedding retailer David's Bridal files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, plans to stay in business (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> Judge blocks plan to deny asylum application to immigrants who cross border illegally; plan was intended to funnel migrants towards existing ports of entry (More)
> North Korea destroys 10 guard posts along South Korea border in bid to lower tensions (More)
> White House drops bid to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass (More) | Reports say President Trump's daughter and White House adviser Ivanka conducted official business using personal email (More)
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In Depth.
How a Tiny Brush Fire Became California's Deadliest Wildfire.
Los Angeles Times | Staff. The Camp wildfire began in the Sierra Nevada mountains, with winds gusting up to 50 mph. But how did a relatively small, ten-acre fire quickly spread over an entire mountain, surprising thousands to become the deadliest wildfire in state history? (Read)
Who's Behind That Beard?
Slate | Erica X Eisen. Using 26 distinct facial landmarks, computer scientist Kurt Luther and a team of researchers have have turned advanced facial recognition technology into a tool that can identify people in anonymous portraits from the Civil War era. (Read)
New study says selfish people actually earn less money
These 4,000-year-old termite mounds can be seen from space
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This year's class of Rhodes Scholars includes more women than ever
Why you should stop trying to master a skill, and focus on building a skill set.
Ugh Millennials: Are trolling their mothers by asking how to microwave a whole turkey
The world's highest paid women in music for 2018
Why television in 2018 looks like it's from the 1970s
Clickbait: Russian cops put out a fire with nothing but snowballs.
Historybook: HBD Bobby Kennedy (1925); HBD Joe Biden (1942); Nuremberg trials against 24 Nazi war criminals begins (1945); HBD actress Bo Derek (1956); Microsoft Windows released (1985).
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