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Need To Know
Arctic Blast Sweeps Through US
An early winter cold front in the US is likely to break records from the Great Plains to the East Coast, with temperatures 15 to 25 degrees below average and forecasts predicting hundreds of spots notching record lows through midweek. Lows in Chicago approached 10 degrees yesterday - its snowiest Veterans Day on record. Nicknamed the "Siberian Express," the phenomenon is a result of a frigid air mass originating in Siberia, driven across the Arctic Ocean and down into North America. The front will push temperatures into the 20s in the lower Midwest through Tuesday, making its way to the East Coast Wednesday and Thursday. The weather is especially volatile in Florida, with lows expected to dip into the 30s in some places after seeing record heat in October. Temperatures are expected to return to normal by the weekend. 

More than 1,000 flights were canceled in Chicago with the icy conditions even causing a plane to slide off the runway (w/ video). 
Morales Steps Down
Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation over the weekend, stepping down after claims of election fraud in October's general elections. The decision follows weeks of violent protests after Morales claimed victory despite winning just 47% of the vote. Less than 50% of the vote should have forced a runoff; however, the now-disputed tally showed Morales finishing more than 10 points ahead of the second-place candidate (who received 36.5%), making him the winner under Bolivian law. Critics, already protesting his circumvention of the country's constitutional two-term limit on presidents, immediately disputed the results. By early Sunday the country's military chief had called for the president's ouster (Morales and supporters framed the demand as a de facto coup). Bolivia's protests are part of a larger wave of social upheaval engulfing Latin America in recent months (go deeper). 

Meanwhile, Spain's Socialist Party won the most seats in the country's general elections but lost its majority amid a populist surge
Singles Day Breaks Records
Chinese online retailer Alibaba raked in record cash during yesterday's Singles Day, projecting $38.4B in total sales. The mark represents a 26% increase over last year's event. The eBay-like site, one of the 10 most valuable publicly traded companies in the world, reported $1B in sales in the first 68 seconds and $10B in the first half-hour. JD.com, an online retail site similar to Amazon, pulled in an estimated $25.6B. The day, an informal celebration of single people (symbolized by the 1 in the date 11/11), was co-opted by Alibaba in 2009 (read more) and has since grown into an online shopping bonanza. For comparison, 2018's Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined for $14.2B in online sales, and Amazon's "biggest ever" 36-hour Prime Day netted just over $7B this year. 
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment, & Culture
> Seattle Sounders FC tops Toronto FC 3-1 to win 2019 MLS Cup; the Cup victory is their second in four years (More) | Memphis' James Wiseman, likely #1 NBA draft pick, ruled ineligible by NCAA (More)
> Thirteen-year-old Broadway actress Laurel Griggs dies of asthma attack (More) | Robert Norris, best known as the original Marlboro Man, dies at 90 (More)
> "Stranger Things" wins Show of the Year, Jennifer Aniston honored with People's Icon Award at 2019 People's Choice Awards; see full list of winners and nominees (More)
Science & Technology
> Algorithm behind Apple's new credit card being investigated for gender discrimination; one customer reported receiving 20 times the credit limit of wife, despite joint tax returns (More) | Apple co-founder says same thing happened to him (More)  
> SpaceX launches 60 satellites in single payload in large step forward for its Starlink program; aims to provide global, space-based internet with more than 42,000 satellites (More)
> Neural network algorithm deduces that the Earth revolves around the Sun; researchers hope it's the first step toward programs that can discover new physical laws (More) | Read the 1440 guide on machine learning (More)
Business & Markets
> Iran discovers new oil field with 50B+ barrels of crude oil, potentially boosting the country’s reserves by one-third (More)
> Asset management giant Blackstone acquires stake in MagicLeap, owner of numerous dating apps including Bumble at $3B valuation; Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd to takeover as CEO of entire business (More)
> General Motors sells Lordstown, Ohio plant to startup electric automaker Lordstown Motors (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> Hong Kong sees most violent day of current protests; police shoot one protester, another person reportedly set on fire by protesters (More)
> The Gambia files suit at the International Court of Justice accusing Myanmar of genocide in 2017; suit filed on behalf of 57 Islamic nations, supporting the Muslim minority Rohingya (More) | "Terminator" of Congo, Bosco Ntaganda, sentenced to 30 years for war crimes (More)
> Election 2020: 14-term congressman Rep. Peter King (R, NY-2) to step down at end of term, citing family reasons (More)
Inside Football's Campaign to Save the Game
NYT | Staff. Largely driven by fears over head trauma, high school participation in varsity football has dropped 10% over the last decade. Now, the future of the dominant force in US sports depends on more than battling public perception. (Read, $$)
On the Waterfront
Medium | Margot Kahn. It may seem like a fairy tale, but the romanticized lifestyle of living on a houseboat comes with some obvious (and some not-so-obvious) drawbacks, beginning with the possibility of floating away. Here's what it's really like to live on a houseboat. (Read)
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Photos from Veterans Day celebrations around the US
...and the incredible story of a 33-year-old vet turned college athlete
Disney Plus launches today, here's everything you can watch
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Hip-hop superstar Drake gets booed off stage
See photos from yesterday's Mercury transit (not happening again until 2032). 
The stunning winners of AFAR's 2019 photography awards.
The best movies of 2019 (so far). 
Dad takes photo of daughter every week for 20 years.
Clickbait: A new contender for worst gender reveal idea.
Historybook: American suffragist and civil rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton born (1815); Joseph Stalin gains undisputed control of Soviet Union (1927); Actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly born (1929); Proposal for the World Wide Web published (1990); RIP comic book writer Stan Lee (2018).
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