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General Electric Splits

Iconic US manufacturing and technology giant General Electric announced yesterday it would split into three companies focusing on the firm's healthcare, power, and aviation units. Officials said the move would bring focus to the separate divisions, allowing the creation of industry-specific boards and broadening the investor base for each. 


With a history dating back to Thomas Edison, GE was one of the original 12 companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average at its launch in 1896. In the mid-2000s, it was the world's largest company by market share, but began shedding divisions following the 2008-09 recession. The company's stock price has remained flat relative to prepandemic levels, and has lagged both competitors and the tech giants that now dominate more than a quarter of the S&P 500. 


The company's stock rose 2.7% on the news.

Tensions in Poland

A surge of illegal immigration attempts at the Belarus-Poland border left thousands stranded after Polish officials closed the crossing Tuesday. The migrants are stuck in hostile conditions as temperatures dip toward freezing. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki described the incident as an attack conducted by the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.


The European Union also accused Lukashenko of pushing the migrants toward the border in response to EU sanctions on Belarus over reported human rights abuses following last year's elections. Russian-backed Lukashenko denies the claims and accuses Poland of violating humanitarian obligations by blocking the migrants. See background on the crisis here.


There's been a surge in the number of immigrants trying to enter Poland illegally this year, many from the Middle East and Asia—nearly 30,000 people have attempted to cross the Poland-Belarus border this year, with over 17,000 in October alone. Armed troops from both countries have been deployed amid the escalating tensions.

Max Cleland Dies

Decorated veteran and former Sen. Max Cleland (D) passed away yesterday at his Atlanta home, reportedly from congestive heart failure. The 79-year-old Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in a grenade accident in Vietnam, immediately entered Georgia state politics upon his return.


Among other roles, he served as Georgia's secretary of state from 1983 to 1996, and in the US Senate from 1997 to 2003. He also earned Silver and Bronze Stars for valor in combat, including at the Battle of Khe Sanh, the war's longest and deadliest conflict. 


Cleland was open about his battles with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, speaking publicly about the reemergence of symptoms after losing the 2002 election (a race that included a controversial ad questioning Cleland's record on homeland security). See his life in photos here.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

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Historybook: Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther born (1483); US Marine Corps is founded (1775); Singer and actress Jane Froman born (1907); "Sesame Street" debuts (1969); Bill Gates introduces Windows 1.0 to public (1983).


"If you show people the problems, and you show people the solutions, they will be moved to act."

- Bill Gates

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