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Need To Know
Payday for College Athletes
The NCAA's governing body recommended allowing student-athletes to benefit from use of their image and likeness yesterday, a dramatic break from the organization's historically rigid stance on compensating college athletes. The unanimous vote may upend the multibillion dollar college sports landscape - depending on implementation - with talented athletes potentially gravitating toward institutions capable of marketing them as high-profile stars. The decision avoids a collision between the NCAA and the state of California, which passed a bill earlier this month allowing student-athletes attending state universities to accept endorsement deals. The NCAA, with nearly 1,200 schools, has long been criticized for monetizing students' abilities while limiting their benefits to a scholarship and cost-of-living stipend. Officials must now figure out how to implement the rule changes in a manner consistent with the college model by January 2021.
Lebanese Prime Minister Resigns
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said he would step down yesterday amid ongoing protests against the country's political elite. The news deepens Lebanon's political crisis and comes as the nation faces its worst economic crisis in nearly three decades, with a top finance official saying the country is on the verge of economic collapse ($$, Bloomberg) after the protests caused banks to close for weeks. The so-called October Revolution was sparked in large part by a range of austerity measures imposed by the government, including a tax on the popular messaging platform WhatsApp. His resignation creates an unpredictable political situation as Hariri was supported by the militant Islamist group Hezbollah, largely due to his role as a trusted intermediary for desperately needed international aid from the West and other Gulf states. 
Snap Elections in the UK
One day after prospects dimmed, the United Kingdom's opposition Labour Party backed a call to hold early general national elections in December. The move, pushed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, offers a chance for voters to reseat the legislature and is designed to break an impasse at the end of a three-year saga to remove Britain from the European Union. Johnson navigated a renegotiated Brexit package to Parliament where it stalled without a final up or down vote. He believes a general election would deliver his Conservative Party a majority of seats, allowing him to pass the package ahead of a newly extended Jan. 31 deadline. Labour Party officials - despite trailing by double-digits in current polls - believe a strong campaign could deliver a mandate for their goal to hold another national referendum. That outcome would give British voters another chance to decide whether to leave or remain in the EU. Voters chose to leave in a 2016 referendum 52-48%. 

Snap elections are a foreign concept in the US - here's how they work
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In The Know
Sports, Entertainment & Culture
> Washington Nationals force Game 7 in World Sries after 7-2 win on the road against Houston Astros; winner to be crowned tonight in Houston (8pm ET, Fox) (More)
> Game of Thrones prequel canceled by HBO (More) | HBO's streaming service HBO Max to launch in May 2020 for $14.99 a month (More)
> Nirmal "Nims" Purja breaks records by becoming first climber to reach world's highest 14 peaks in just over six months (More)
Science & Technology
> Potential tuberculosis vaccine shows a 50% suppression rate in trials; TB is the world's deadliest disease, killing 1.5 million each year (More) | 23% of the world's population estimated to have a dormant TB infection (More)  
> Astronomers discover the smallest dwarf planet in the Solar System; Hygiea orbits in the Asteroid Belt, located between Mars and Jupiter (More)
> Number of Americans living with some form of dementia projected to double to 13 million over next two decades; total economic cost of disease to exceed $2T (More
Business & Markets
> Boeing CEO grilled by lawmakers in DC hearing regarding two deadly 737 MAX crashes (More)
> America's largest private coal company, Murray Energy, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as demand for coal continues slide (More)
> Fed expected to make third rate cut this year today (More) | Earnings Season: General Motors shares increase of 5% after quarter beats expectations, despite incurring $3B loss from UAW strike (More) | Food delivery giant Grubhub whiffs on earnings as customers move business to competitors, stock falls 40%+ (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, former Army officer and National Security Council staffer, testifies that he raised concerns of July 25 Trump call with Ukraine twice to superiors (More) | Read opening statement (More) | And says transcript released by White House omitted key passages (More)
> Army Green Beret Matthew Williams to receive medal of honor today for actions that helped save more than 100 during Battle of Shok Valley in 2008 in Afghanistan (More)
> Federal judge temporarily blocks Alabama abortion law that would make performing the procedure a felony; law was set to kick in Nov. 15 (More)
How to identify a vampire
Photos capture the aftermath of the fast-moving Kincade fire.
South Korea deploys snipers to fend off deadly swine virus

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The number of young Americans viewing online videos has soared.

... and poor children spend two extra hours each day looking at screens
OK Boomers: Gen Z declares war on Baby Boomers
All 435 illustrations from the Audubon "Birds of America" are now available for free
Accidental hash cake ends funeral on a high note

Clickbait: Bus-sized fatberg pulled from London sewer
Historybook: Christopher Columbus born (1451); President John Adams born (1735); Orson Welles broadcasts The War of the Worlds radio hoax, causing mass panic in US (1938); Muhammad Ali defeats George Foreman in historic Rumble in the Jungle (1974); HBD Ivanka Trump (1981).
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