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Budget Framework Released

The Biden administration yesterday released an updated version of its sweeping social spending package, a proposal that follows months of negotiations with centrist Democrats. The price tag for the plan is estimated at $1.75T.


The final top-line spending level is significantly below the initially proposed $3.5T, with a number of provisions cut out or trimmed down (see list). The framework includes more than $550B for climate change-related investments, $400B for universal prekindergarten and child care provisions, $200B for the child tax and earned income tax credits for one year, and more. 


Excluded are provisions allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, a controversial tax on the unrealized gains of billionaires, paid family leave, and more. Much of the proposal would be paid for by a 5% extra tax on incomes over $10M and a further 3% tax on incomes over $25M, among other items. 


The tentative agreement may unlock consideration of a parallel $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill, which progressive House Democrats have thus far refused to back until the social spending package was agreed to.

Facebook Goes Meta

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday the company would rebrand itself under the name Meta, an umbrella company under which a number of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others would be situated. The move is similar to Google's creation of Alphabet in 2015, the parent company for Google and a number of related companies. 


The rebrand also reflects the company's attempt to shift from Facebook, the web-based social network, to what it has deemed the Metaverse (see 101)—a vision of an immersive virtual reality world with millions of real-time users. Technologists have suggested that such digital worlds may be used for work, concerts, family gatherings, and more. Experts said it may take a decade or more to fully develop the platform at a large scale. 


The change comes as the company faces an onslaught of criticism following the leak of documents revealing internal research and decision-making.

Charleston Church Settlement

The Justice Department announced yesterday it had reached an $88M settlement with the victims and their families of a mass shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina, church. 


Then 21-year-old Dylann Roof killed nine parishioners at the predominantly Black Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June 2015. An avowed white supremacist, Roof was found guilty on 33 counts and became the first person sentenced to death for federal hate crimes. The victims' families sued the federal government after it was revealed a breakdown in the FBI's background check system, which would have flagged a previous felony drug charge, allowed Roof to purchase the gun used in the attack.


Families of the victims will be allotted $63M in the settlement, with $23M reserved for survivors of the attack. 

Have a spooky (and safe) Halloween weekend!

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Science & Technology

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