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Good morning. It's Monday, Oct. 25, and we're covering details of a fatal shooting on the movie set of "Rust," the capture of Colombia's most-wanted drug lord, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].

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Breaking news: Reports say military forces have arrested Sudan Prime Minister

Abdalla Hamdok in an apparent coup.

Tragedy on Set

Details surrounding a fatal accident involving actor Alec Baldwin continued to emerge over the weekend as investigators worked to determine why a prop gun mistakenly contained live rounds. According to reports, Baldwin accidentally discharged a revolver late Thursday while filming a scene from the upcoming movie "Rust."


A cinematographer, 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins, was killed in the incident. According to sources, the bullet passed through her chest and then hit director Joel Souza, who was injured but is expected to survive. Typically, movie sets have weapons masters responsible for the oversight of firearms–in this case, the movie's assistant director reportedly grabbed the gun, believing it to be unloaded but breaking protocol.


The shooting reportedly came just hours after at least seven camera crew walked off the movie's set to protest unsafe conditions. It is unclear whether Baldwin will be charged in the incident; see legal experts weigh in here.

Braves Versus Astros

The Atlanta Braves will face off against the Houston Astros in the World Series after both teams won their respective league championships over the weekend.


For Atlanta, who upset the 106-win Los Angeles Dodgers in six games, the appearance marks their first championship series since 1999. Meanwhile, Houston eliminated the Boston Red Sox in Friday's Game 6, returning to the World Series for the third time since 2017. That year marked Houston's first title, though it was dogged by a sign-stealing scandal


Astros manager Dusty Baker, whose coaching career spans three decades and five teams, will be seeking his first World Series title. Starting pitchers have not yet been announced, though Atlanta is likely to go with either Max Fried (14-7) or Charlie Morton (14-6), while Houston is likely to start left-hander Framber Valdez (11-6). 


The series gets underway tomorrow (8 pm ET, FOX), 

Colombia's Most Wanted

Colombian security forces reportedly captured Dairo Antonio Úsuga, the country's most-wanted drug dealer, over the weekend. Also known by the moniker Otoniel, or "powerful lord," Úsuga heads the powerful Gulf Clan, which controls much of the country's northern cocaine smuggling routes. 


The capture ends more than a decade of searching for Úsuga, who was known for bribing federal officials while taking refuge in Colombia's thick jungles to avoid capture. The drug lord had a $5M bounty placed on his head by US officials, having first been indicted in a Manhattan court in 2009 for narcotics trafficking. Officials say Úsuga was responsible for smuggling an estimated 73 tons of cocaine into the US between 2003 and 2014. 


Colombia is the world's largest producer of cocaine, pumping out more than 1,200 tons of the drug in 2020. 

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