Colin Powell, 'Forever Chemicals,' and America's Best High Schools

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Colin Powell Dies

Gen. Colin Powell, former secretary of state, passed away yesterday at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, reportedly from complications arising from COVID-19. The 84-year-old Powell was fully vaccinated and was also being treated for multiple myeloma, cancer that forms in certain white blood cells. 


Powell joined the Army after graduating college in 1958, rising through the ranks to become a four-star general. He became the first Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush and the first Black secretary of state under former President George W. Bush. He played a leadership role in both Iraq wars, including arguing Iraq harbored weapons of mass destruction in 2003—a stance Powell said he ultimately regretted. See his life in photos here.


His passing represents a breakthrough death—when fully vaccinated patients die from COVID-19. Roughly 7,100 such deaths have been reported in the US, with 85% occurring in patients 65 and older.

'Forever Chemicals'

The Biden administration announced yesterday a three-year initiative to regulate toxic humanmade “forever chemicals,” which pose health risks to millions of Americans and have turned up in water supplies across the country. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, or PFAS, are long-lasting chemicals found in many commercial products such as food packaging, cookware, and more. The chemicals don't break down naturally and may remain in the bloodstream indefinitely; they have been linked to many adverse health effects, including certain cancers and liver damage.


The Environmental Protection Agency said it would accelerate efforts to set a national drinking water standard and would require chemical manufacturers to test and publicly report detailed data on the amount of PFAS in products. The agency will also propose to designate the harmful chemicals as hazardous under the Superfund law. The agency hopes to finalize an enforceable drinking water limit by fall 2023.


See a map of the more than 120,000 facilities known to process PFAS chemicals here.

Enter the Metaverse

Facebook announced yesterday it would hire at least 10,000 workers in Europe over the next five years to help build what it has termed the "metaverse." The hires would represent a 15% increase in the company's global workforce, and would mark Facebook's biggest step to date toward realizing the new platform.


Touted as the future of the internet, the metaverse is envisioned as an immersive digital world allowing users to interact via augmented or virtual reality headsets. Technologists have suggested that, beyond social networking, such digital worlds may be used for work, concerts, family gatherings, and more. Experts said it may take a decade or more to fully develop the platform at large scale. 


In related news, British lawmakers are in the process of hearing testimony from two whistleblowers, Sophie Zhang and Francis Haugen, about Facebook's internal practices around misinformation, hate speech, and more.

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"Always do your very best. Even when no one else is looking, you always are. Don't disappoint yourself."

- Colin Powell

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