Belgorod Shooting, Crab Season Canceled, and a Great Lakes Shipwreck Everything you need to know for today in five minutes.

Good morning. It's Monday, Oct. 17, and we're covering an attack at a Russian training camp, the cancellation of one of Alaska's biggest crab harvests, and much more. Have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].


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Belgorod Attack

At least 11 people were killed and 15 others injured after two gunmen opened fire at a Russian military training camp Saturday, targeting a group of soldiers who volunteered to fight in Ukraine. Reports suggest the pair, who were killed during the attack, had themselves volunteered and came from an unknown former Soviet state.


It was unclear whether the attack was related to President Vladimir Putin's recent mobilization of forces, intended to add up to 300,000 additional troops to the war in Ukraine. The effort has faced internal criticisms of poor training and ineffective management, while thousands of potential conscripts have left the country to avoid service (read accounts). Russian officials said 16,000 newly activated troops have been involved in combat operations, with more than 200,000 currently in the training process. 


Separately, reports accuse the Kremlin of carrying out forced adoptions, removing children from occupied Ukrainian territory and placing them with Russian families across the country. See updates on the war here.

Raleigh Shooting Details

Wake County prosecutors intend to charge the 15-year-old gunman in last Thursday's mass shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina, as an adult, citing the incident's mass loss of life. Five people aged 16 to 52 were killed, including the shooter's 16-year-old brother, while two more were injured. Read their stories here


Independent sources identified the suspect as high school sophomore Austin Thompson, a resident of the Hedingham neighborhood where the shootings took place. He reportedly fired at random in the street before moving to a nearby forest trail, where he continued firing. Police apprehended him after a four-hour search and standoff nearby. Officials have not reported what type of weapon was used, though witnesses have described seeing a long gun. 


The shooter was hospitalized in critical condition Thursday night, and a motive has not been announced. See a timeline of events here.

Crab Season Canceled 

Wildlife officials in Alaska last week announced the cancellation of fall king crab harvests in Bristol Bay for the second straight year and, for the first time, the winter snow crab harvest in the Bering Sea. The decision came after a survey revealed the continuing rapid decline of crab populations in both fisheries. 


The Bering Sea cancellation represents a significant economic hit to the Pacific Northwest, with fleets grossing roughly $280M as recently as 2016. Data released last month estimated the number of mature male snow crabs in the Bering Sea had dropped more than 20% since 2021—a season that already recorded the lowest catch in four decades. The relationship between crab size and water temperature is complex; however, scientists are studying the impact of a period of intense warming four years ago. 


Female snow crabs can carry up to 100,000 eggs, and it takes seven to nine years for males to reach maturity.

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