At least 10 people have died and 170 are hospitalized as California wildfires have forced over 20,000 people from their homes in the city of Santa Rosa and the surrounding wine country, about 50 miles north of San Francisco (see photos). The fires began Sunday night, spreading rapidly behind 50 mph wind gusts. The rapid pace caught residents off-guard - the flames have destroyed at least 1,500 homes and businesses. October is the worst part of the year for wildfires, with seasonal heat and low humidity combined with so-called "Diablo winds" blowing in from the mountain ranges to the northeast. 2017 was already the most expensive fire season in history - having passed $2B in total damage by September. 

Clean Power Plan.
The White House announced it will roll back the Clean Power Plan, a set of Obanma-era regulations meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions from large-scale power plants. The plan focused on the electricity sector - which accounts for about 30% of US greenhouse gas emissions - requiring states to meet reduced targets through energy efficiency measures and substitution of lower emitting sources like natural gas or renewables (deep dive here). The plan itself never really got off the ground - announced in late 2015, the Supreme Court placed an emergency stay on the rules in February 2016, pending a lawsuit brought by 24 states. Despite never fully going into effect, power sector emissions dropped by 5% in 2016 - and over 15% since 2012 - led primarily by cheaper natural gas, which emits about 50% less carbon dioxide than coal. 

One of the most well-known film executives in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, was fired from his own Weinstein Company by its board of directors after a flood of past sexual harassment allegations surfaced last week, including reports that Weinstein has settled at least 8 sexual harassment cases. Some accusations reach back more than two decades and include big name actresses - like Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan - others are recent and include non-celebrities, including a disturbing incident with a local television anchor (see list here). The common denominator appears to be Weinstein - who co-founded Miramax before leaving in 2005 to start the Weinstein Company - implicitly using his stature and influence to pressure victims. Since the story broke (behind NYT paywall here), a number of high profile actresses have spoken out, and encouraged others to do the same. 

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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

> ESPN suspends SportsCenter host Jamele Hill for 2 weeks following 2nd violation of company's social media policy (More)
> Details, poster, and 2nd official trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi released (More)
> Rapper Nelly arrested on rape accusations, released without charges pending investigation (More)

Science & Technology.

> Sexual harassment allegations on Antarctic expeditions leveled against top researcher (More)
> General Motors buys startup Strobe, focus on 'LIDAR' (More) | LIDAR, like radar with lasers, key for self-driving cars (More)
> Grafting tumors onto mice changes genetic makeup, may alter ability to predict results in humans (More)

Business & Markets.

> CA signs drug pricing transparency law; Big Pharma required to notify customers if prices increase 16% over 2 year period (More)
> AIG sees $3B of insurance catastrophe losses in 3rd quarter, more than expected; stock down 1.7% (More)
> Private jet startup Wheels Up raises $200M from Fidelity, others to fuel growth (More)

Politics & World Affairs.

> Google uncovers Russian-bought ads on Gmail, YouTube (More)
> Nobel Prize in Economics goes to Richard Thaler for 'nudge' economics (More)
> White House issues list of requirements to pass DACA legislation (More)

Death at a Penn State Fraternity.  

The Atlantic | Caitlin Flanagan. On a coveted fall Friday at Penn State University, Tim Piazza - a sophomore pledging Beta Theta Pi - fell down a flight of stairs. After brothers doused Tim with beer, they slapped him and Snapchatted his struggle; Calling an ambulance 12 hours after the fall could not save him. While it may seem like major steps have been taken to thwart these seemingly common tragedies, 80% of students in fraternities report that they have been hazed. Follow Caitlin Flanagan on a journey of loss, blame, and brotherhood.

How The Golden State Warriors Signed Kevin Durant 

Longreads | Erik Malinowski. Less than one month after the Golden State Warriors lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Cleveland Cavs in the NBA finals, the team’s management sat in the Hamptons rental home of one the NBA’s biggest stars: Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. An excerpt from his book Betaball, Malinowski walks through how the Warriors got the biggest free agent prize in years to leave the franchise that drafted him in favor of a chief rival team already full of superstars.
Data: Most Americans favor policies to soften blow of job losses from automation.

Gwyneth Paltrow interviews Penelope Cruz (for Interview Magazine). 

Photos: Embrace your inner nerd with the best cosplay from Comic-Con 2017.

Giant straw animals are invading Japanese rice fields and they are awesome.

#Cynical: Firm behind 'Fearless Girl' statue ordered to pay $5M in back pay to women, minorities.

Awesome Art: Philadelphia artists are reinventing public spaces.

Nearly four million people still get Netflix by mail.

Lists: The World's Most Literally Named Website ranks the World's 50 Best Bars

Here are the ages you peak at everything throughout life.

Good News: We're probably not living in a computer simulation.

Clickbait: LAPD forced to disperse crowd of 500 at McDonald's over lack of Szechuan sauce.

Historybook: Great Hurricane kills nearly 30,000 in West Indies (1780); HBD US Naval Academy (1845); HBD David Lee Roth (1954); HBD Brett Favre (1969); Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns (1973); RIP Orson Welles (1985); Achille Lauro hijacking ends (1985); RIP Christopher Reeve (2004).
-Orson Welles
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