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Djokovic in Limbo

Tennis star Novak Djokovic spent yesterday confined to a hotel room in Australia while facing deportation after his visa was refused Wednesday. Djokovic, 34, had been awarded a medical exemption from Victoria state to compete, a decision that drew widespread criticism throughout the country. He was then denied entry into the country by border officials for failing to provide sufficient proof for exemption.


The Serbian athlete had traveled to the country this week to play for his 10th Australian Open title. Djokovic is tied with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for all-time men's Grand Slam victories at 20—the tournament may potentially allow him to capture the record.


Regulations require all in attendance to be fully vaccinated; he has previously expressed opposition to COVID-19 vaccines. The reason he initially received the exemption has not been disclosed; however, it was reportedly due to being infected with the virus within the last six months. Australia is currently dealing with its highest spike in COVID-19 infections on record.


A decision is expected Monday.

North Korean Missile Launch

North Korean media claimed yesterday the country had tested a hypersonic missile, the second reported test of such military technology by the country. The launch would be the latest in rising tensions on the peninsula following the end of talks with South Korea and the US last year. 


Hypersonic missiles represent a step-change in a country's military capability as they travel at roughly five times the speed of sound and may evade radar more effectively (see 101). North Korea has traditionally focused on nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, which have a long range but are less controllable. 


In related news, reports suggest a person who entered the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea may have originally been a defector from the North who decided to return home. 

Violence Spirals in Kazakhstan

Russia has sent peacekeeping troops to Kazakhstan as mass protests and unrest in the country escalate. A police officer was allegedly found beheaded, among dozens of other deaths and hundreds of injuries as well as government buildings set ablaze. Russia and Kazakhstan share a border and are members of an alliance of former Soviet states, which was set up to counter external military threats.


Russian-led alliance troops arrived yesterday at the request of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to help protect state and military facilities. Kazakhstan sits on the southern border of western Russia and is the ninth largest country in the world by land mass (see overview). It has major oil reserves as well as coal and gas sectors—making the country a strategic linchpin in the region.


The protests, which began Sunday, were first triggered by the rising price of fuel and spread into broader grievances over three decades of rule by former president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Catch up on the unrest here.

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