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Need To Know.
Trump Floats Border Deal.
President Trump floated a deal Saturday that would trade immigration concessions for border wall funding, providing a path forward for ending the government shutdown now in its 32nd day. House Democrats quickly rejected the deal, which would trade $5.7B in border wall funding for a 3-year extension of protections for "Dreamers" - children and young adults who were under 16 years old when they entered the US and have been in the country continuously since 2007. The White House had moved to rescind the Obama-era guidance, but the rollback was put on hold by a federal appeals court last fall. Senate Republicans are expected to vote on a legislative package containing Trump's overture this week.  

In separate news, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team issued a rare statement disputing the accuracy of a bombshell report that Trump instructed his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. 
Dozens Dead in Mexican Gas Explosion.
At least 85 people were killed and over 80 others injured after a gas pipeline exploded in the Mexican town of Tlahuelilpan over the weekend. The eruption allegedly occurred after a hole was punctured in a section of gas line, with a crowd of over 600 gathering to collect spilled gas. Onlookers said the sheer amount of spilled gas and vapor - the leak turned into a 20-foot-high fuel fountain after someone tried to enlarge the hole - eventually combusted, with flames ripping through the countryside. The Mexican government loses an estimated $3B in theft from state-owned depots and pipelines each year by organized criminals - Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has cracked down on the practice, but critics say the plan has led to chronic fuel shortages.

Video on social media captured the flames as they spread
Patriots vs. Rams.
The Los Angeles Rams will face off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII after a pair of thrilling conference championship games over the weekend. Both games went into overtime, with both road teams emerging victorious. The Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 37-31, with many fans grumbling about NFL overtime rules after Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was unable to see the field in overtime. The Rams, led by third-year star QB Jared Goff, beat the New Orleans Saints 26-23 - thanks in part to a controversial non-call where a Rams player interfered with a Saints receiver late in the game (see video). For the Patriots it will be the ninth Super Bowl during Tom Brady's tenure (with a 5-3 record), an era that began 17 years ago when he beat the then-St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.

The Patriots enter the game as slight favorites. Kickoff is slated for 6:30pm ET on Sunday, February 3rd.  
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Henry Cejudo defeats TJ Dillashaw in 32 seconds to retain UFC flyweight championship (More) | Manny Pacquiao wins in unanimous decision over Adrien Broner; looks ahead to rematch with Floyd Mayweather (More)
> Sony Music drops R. Kelly from record label in wake of sexual abuse allegations (More)
> Academy Award nominations announced this morning; here's how to watch (More) | Check out nomination predictions (More)
Science & Technology.
> Smart microrobots adapt shape to surrounding, can access hard-to-reach parts of the human body for targeted drug delivery (More)
> Uber hires engineering team to develop self-driving electric bikes and scooters (More)
> Scientists unexpectedly find signs of ancient life after drilling into a frozen lake in the Antarctic (More)
Business & Markets.
> China's economy grew 6.6% in 2018, lowest pace in 28 years (More) | International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects global economic growth of 3.5% in 2019, down 0.2% since last forecast in October (More)
> Tesla to cut 7% of workforce in effort to produce less expensive Model 3, shares fall 13% (More)
> Two executives at Snap - owner of social media app Snapchat - ousted after probe into inappropriate relationships (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> British Prime Minister Theresa May returns to Parliament with updated Brexit deal, still faces stiff opposition; Labour Party calls for vote considering second national referendum on whether to leave the European Union (More)
> California Senator Kamala Harris (D) launches 2020 presidential campaign (More); Sen. Angus King (I-ME) begins treatment for localized prostrate cancer (More)
> President Trump to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in second summit; aiming for next month in Vietnam (More) | New report points to 20 hidden missile sites in North Korea (More)
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In Depth.
The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesn’t Smoke Weed.
Fortune | Jen Wieczner. With the continuing legalization of recreational cannabis, it's no surprise that one of the hottest IPOs of 2018 was Tilray - a cannabis distributing company valued at $9 billion. Now the richest man in the legal cannabis trade, CEO Brendan Kennedy speaks on the company's meteoric rise to the pinnacle of the legal weed trade. (Read)
Creating While Clean.
GQ | Chris Heath. Musicians who rely on drugs to fuel their creativity are not uncommon. What is common, however, are the inevitable issues that occur when substance use turns into substance abuse. In intimate conversations with Steven Tyler, Julien Baker, Jason Isbell, and other sober musicians, see how creativity is still achievable even after quitting the dope and booze. (Read)
Photos of Sunday's Super Blood Wolf Moon, the decade's last total lunar eclipse.
A short history of living conditions across the world, in charts.
Ranking the most obnoxious fans in the NFL (via Thrillist). 
This designer built a device to keep your home voice assistant from spying on you
Priests and nuns aim for Olympic glory on the Vatican's new track team
Mapping America's most stressed out cities.
Diver's photos go viral after she swims with a 20-foot-long great white shark

Mom crushes 268-mile race while stopping to pump milk for her baby
Want that raise? Bring a cup of coffee along with you
Clickbait: Boo, officially the world's cutest dog, passes away at age 12
Historybook: HBD Francis Bacon (1561); HBD actress Diane Lane (1965); RIP Lyndon B. Johnson (1973); Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision (1973); RIP Heath Ledger (2008).
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