At approximately 7:55 am this morning, NASA's Cassini space probe will complete its grand finale, intentionally plunging into Saturn's atmosphere at a speed of 70,000 mph. The probe, a flagship-class robotic spacecraft (see specs), was launched almost 20 years ago to study Saturn and its unusual rings. Along the way it traveled past Venus and Jupiter, arriving in the Saturn system in 2004. On arrival it detached a separate probe - the Hugyens - which was the first man-made craft to land anywhere in the outer Solar System, touching down on Titan, one of Saturn's 62 moons. Scientists are crashing Cassini on purpose - it's running out of fuel and they want to avoid it crashing and contaminating any of Saturn's other moons. As they do, live raw images will be streaming at the mission's website - and be sure to check out the Cassini photo hall of fame

The Cleveland Indians broke the record for most consecutive wins in the history of Major League Baseball Thursday evening in dramatic fashion, beating the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in extra innings for their 22nd straight win. It could not have been a closer call for the Indians - down 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th, with two outs and two strikes, shortstop Francisco Lindor hit a double that allowed pinch runner Erik Gonzalez to score from first base. Jay Bruce knocked in the winning run in the 10th inning to seal the game. With the win the Indians pass the 1935 Cubs for longest win streak, and set their sights on the 1916 New York Giants, who went 26 games without losing - but included one tie along the way. Amazingly, two of Cleveland's top players - reliever Andrew Miller and second baseman Jason Kipnis - have been on the disabled list for most of the streak.  

Oil Spill.
Greek officials are scrambling to clean up oil leaking from a tanker that sunk on Sunday near the island of Salamis (map). The leak - which was thought to be contained - has forced the closure of popular Athens beaches, with floating tar and dead fish beginning to wash ashore. The tanker was carrying 2,500 metric tons of oil, and officials estimate they have cleaned up at least 180 tons so far. On top of potential ecological impact, Athens' beaches are a key part of the Greek tourism sector, which is critical to the overall Greek economy - tourism accounted for about 24% of the country's GDP in 2016 and was responsible for 8 in 10 new jobs created. You can see some of the affected areas filmed via drone here. 
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Sports, Entertainment & Culture.

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Science & Technology.

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Business & Markets.

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The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy. 

The Atlantic | Emily Yoffe. A three-part piece on how universities have gotten their response to campus sexual assault wrong, Yoffe walks through how due process is often lost for the accused, racial bias in the system, and the bad science behind the current system. A fascinating - and frustrating - look at how administrators got it wrong. (Read pt. I) (Read pt. II) (Read pt. III)

OK, Let's Do It. 

LA Times | Deborah Netburn. An oral history of the Cassini mission which ends today, as the probe spirals into Saturn's atmosphere, from the team at the Jet Propulsion Lab. (Read)

Undercover in Temp Nation. 

Toronto Star | Sara Mojtehedzadeh and Brendan Kennedy. After a temporary employee died at one of Canada's largest industrial bakeries, Star reporters went undercover for an inside look at the world of temp hiring, the new reality for many firms to fill worker gaps, where safety gets traded for flexibility. (Read)

Behind the Scenes at the Original ‘MTV Unplugged’ 

The Ringer | Rob Harvilla. What's old is new again and with MTV set to reboot its classic Unplugged franchise, it's time to take a look back at the popular series that launched the careers of bands like Pearl Jam and canonized Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. (Read)

Harrison Ford on Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Punching Ryan Gosling in the Face. 

GQ | Chris Heath. A sit-down with the iconic star - not known for being verbose - ahead of the release of Blade Runner 2049. Great photos accompany the piece as well. (Read)
Space Graveyard: Interactive visualization of the final resting place of all 42 crashed space probes.

Data: How much each organ costs to transplant.

Photos: See the 13 finalists for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017

Mapping all the different ways drugs are smuggled from South America into the US. 

The 'Capital of the Confederacy' is bracing itself for confederate statue rallies on Saturday.  

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Clickbait: Fanged, faceless mystery creature that washed up on shore during Harvey has been identified.

Historybook: Marco Polo born (1254); Mayflower departs for America with 100 Pilgrims aboard (1620); Charles Darwin reaches Galapagos Islands (1835); HBD President Taft (1857); HBD Agatha Christie (1890); Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin (1928); Muhammad Ali defeats Spinks to win record 3rd title (1978); Google.com registered as domain name (1998); Olympic Games open in Sydney (2000); RIP Johnny Ramone (2004).
-Muhammad Ali
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