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Need To Know.
Apple Day 2018.
Tech Giant Apple unveiled its latest line of updates and gadgets at its annual Apple Day, rolling out three new models of the iPhone and announcing a redesign of the Apple Watch. 2018 was an "off" year for the company - instead of announcing a new model of iPhone, the company bumped up the specs of existing hardware. In addition to announcing the iPhone XS and XS Max (blown out versions of last year's iPhone X), the new iPhone XR model turned heads for being a capable - but much cheaper, retailing at $729 - version of the company's flagship model X. The annual event has become increasingly important as the company has grown into a dominant economic force, becoming the world's first trillion-dollar company largely on the back of the iPhone, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the company's revenue. See a list of everything announced yesterday here
SCOTUS Nominee Gets Committee Vote.
The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh today, potentially advancing President Trump’s second Justice pick one step closer to the Court. The vote comes after four days of confirmation hearings last week, which saw a number of protests by both Senate Democrats and activists in the audience. The 53-year-old Yale graduate and George W. Bush federal appointee would assume retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat and tilt the Court solidly to the right. While his confirmation appears inevitable, activists have put a full-court press on Senators to oppose Kavanaugh - Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in particularly has been the target of a viral opposition campaign.

Kavanaugh will need to be confirmed by a simple Senate majority after passing out of committee.
Contentious Primary Wraps in New York.
New York will hold primary elections for state offices today, including incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo squaring off against Cynthia Nixon to be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. Nixon, a former Sex and the City star and political novice, caused a splash when she jumped into the race in March, criticizing Cuomo for not being progressive enough. While polls suggest the race is not tight, Nixon’s high-profile campaign forced Cuomo to scramble to avoid becoming the next victim in a wave of victories by upstart progressive candidates - Cuomo has spent $8.5M in the last three weeks. The winner faces state legislator Marcus Molinaro in the general election. Voters will also choose candidates for attorney general and the State Assembly.

On the eve of election day, a top Cuomo aide was reportedly linked to a mailer that connected Nixon to anti-Semitic sentiment in the state. 
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In The Know.
Sports, Entertainment & Culture.
> Seattle Storm sweep Washington Mystics to win the WNBA championship; Regular-season MVP Breanna Stewart is named WNBA Finals MVP (More)
> Henry Cavill exits role of Superman over contract dispute with Warner Bros. (More)
> 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager out at CBS for inappropriate behavior, allegations of sexual misconduct (More) | Video of Harvey Weinstein encounter with victim ahead of alleged rape released (More)
Science & Technology.
> Landmark study pinpoints which mutations in the tumor suppression gene BRCA1 are most likely to lead to breast cancer (More)
> Neural link between brain's memory and sensory centers discovered that helps us ignore our own footsteps; has implications for how we process language, music, and more (More)
> Scientists engineer powerful new drug that is 500 times more potent than natural counterpart against antibiotic-resistant bacteria in mice tests (More)
Business & Markets.
> Amazon, Alphabet (Google), AT&T, Twitter & others to testify before Senate on data privacy practices on Sept. 26 (More)
> LinkedIn Releases September Workforce report - agriculture, transportation and energy jobs lead highest yearly growth (More)
> Disney, Hilton, Ferrari top Forbes' Annual list of Most Regarded Companies (More)
Politics & World Affairs.
> President Trump authorizes use of sanctions against any foreign companies, organizations, or individuals determined to have interfered in US elections ahead of 2018 midterms (More)
> Hurricane Florence weakens to Category 2, expected to make landfall around 8am Friday (More) | 43 million in path of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, expected to hit Philippines late today with 150 mph winds (More)
> Food and Drug Administration calls e-cigarettes, or vaping, among teens an epidemic; tells manufacturers to reverse growing trend or FDA will pull all flavored vaping products from shelves (More)
In Depth.
The Hidden Link Between Farm Antibiotics and Human Illness.
Wired | Maryn Mckenna. Since the mid-1950's, humans have had to combat drug-resistant foodborne illnesses that have arose from feeding animals antibiotics before slaughter. The connection between the antibiotics and these illnesses isn’t accepted by all - this new study aims to convert the nonbelievers. (Read)
The Rise of Anxiety Consumerism.
Vox | Rebecca Jennings. The most common mental health disorder in America is anxiety - and it seems to be getting worse. Now a slew of Kickstarter campaigns making anti-anxiety products like fidget spinners and weighted blankets are cashing in on a nationwide mental health epidemic. (Read)
Amazon plans on shipping real, live Christmas trees in regular boxes this holiday season
Gallup's Negative Experience Index - tracking people's feelings of stress, pain, anger, and more - hits its highest rating in over a decade
A stunning photo journey through the American West
Ugh Millennials: Here are the cities where you carry the most debt.  
Mapping the US states with the best and worst life expectancy
Americans are reading less books, but more poetry
Mom expecting triplets shares amazing week-by-week progression photos
Author of booked titled "How to Kill Your Husband" charged with killing her husband
Clickbait: Amazon admits its patent for placing workers in cages was probably a "bad idea"
Historybook: Francis Scott Key writes America’s national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner (1814); HBD author Roald Dahl (1916); Israel and Palestine sign peace accord (1993); RIP Tupac Shakur (1996); RIP Ann Richards, educator and former governor of Texas (2006).
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