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Mariupol death toll

Photo by Manhhai

At least 10,000 civilians are believed to have been killed in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, officials said yesterday, with the true current death toll possibly surpassing 20,000. The extent of casualties has been difficult to confirm, with the besieged city having been mostly encircled by Russian forces for close to a month. 

The city’s location, set on the southeastern coast of Ukraine along the Azov Sea (map here), has made it a key strategic target as Russia has refocused its war efforts. Its capture would link the separatist Donbas region with the Russia-controlled Crimean Peninsula. Read more on Mariupol’s strategic importance here

Reports suggest Russia is preparing a full-scale assault on the region, with an 8-mile-long military convoy captured in satellite images. Officials say attacks could begin within days.