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Colombia’s (ex-) most wanted

Colombia has extradited Dairo Antonio “Otoniel” Úsuga David, the country’s most wanted drug dealer, to the US. Úsuga led the powerful Gulf Clan cartel—believed to have about 1,800 members who control much of the country’s northern cocaine smuggling routes—and will face indictments in three US jurisdictions: Brooklyn, New York’s Southern District, and Miami. Officials say Úsuga was responsible for orchestrating more than 40 cocaine shipments larger than 1 ton. He pleaded not guilty in his arraignment hearing yesterday.

His October capture ended a yearslong search for Úsuga, who was known for bribing federal officials while taking refuge in Colombia’s thick jungles to avoid capture. A Colombian court granted the extradition last month. The drug lord had a $5M bounty placed on his head by US officials, having first been indicted in a Manhattan court in 2009 for narcotics trafficking.

Úsuga has 128 outstanding proceedings against him in Colombia, including drug trafficking, homicide, and more.