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Canada eyes (more) gun control

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced legislation Monday that would freeze the sale of handguns in the country. The move would allow current owners to possess and use them, while capping the number of handguns in the country. The bill also removes licenses from people involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment, creates a new “red flag” law, limits the size of magazines, and more.

It would mark Canada’s most significant gun-control measure since a ban on 1,500 types of semiautomatic rifles was enacted in 2020 after a mass shooting in Nova Scotia that claimed 22 lives. Observers expect parliament to approve the bill; the regulations would take effect this fall.

Unlike the US, the country’s constitution does not enshrine a right to bear arms. See a comparison of gun deaths by country here.

The move follows a deadly mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, last Tuesday. In that case, officials clarified another key detail yesterday, saying the gunman did not enter through a door left propped open, as previously reported.