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Attack in Brooklyn

At least 10 people were shot and dozens injured in New York City during morning rush hour yesterday after a man wearing a gas mask threw a smoke canister and opened fire in a Brooklyn subway. Police are searching for a person of interest, Frank James, after finding a credit card and a key to a U-Haul van at the scene. 

James remained at large as of this morning, however officials stopped short of calling him a suspect. A motive has not been identified, though a number of violent social media posts by James have surfaced.

Officials said they recovered the U-Haul van, a gun, and a bag, which included additional unused smoke canisters and fireworks. They also recovered undetonated devices in the area. See videos and photos taken of the aftermath here (warning—sensitive content). 

The station where the events unfolded is a major transfer hub in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood and runs two popular lines that make express stops into Midtown Manhattan. Sunset Park is considered one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods.