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    Who we are.

    Let’s be honest - despite a constant barrage of news and information - there are only a few important stories in any sector on any given day. Why should you have to sift through so many sites, struggling to figure out what’s relevant, just to stay informed? Using our experience in science, culture, business, military, and politics, we’ve brought together what’s important - all in one place, to start the morning.

    Why 1440?

    The printing press. It was invented in the year 1440 – the ability to quickly and cheaply reproduce printed material made information widely available and kick-started a revolution. Access to knowledge empowered the masses to overturn centuries-old institutions.

    Why else?

    Twenty four hours multiplied by sixty minutes - there are 1440 minutes in a day. Spend the first few with us so you can get a jump on the rest.

    What we do.

    Deliver a curated digest with everything you need to know and more. Each weekday morning, in your inbox.

    Our Mission.

    Keep our readers informed so they can be empowered.


    - Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

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